Digital higher education institution with rich history

RANEPA St. Petersburg – one of the leading higher education institutions in St. Petersburg — combines the best traditions of Russian higher education, high standards of learning and teaching, digital technologies, research and innovations.

Following traditions

1811 – Imperial Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum

RANEPA St. Petersburg is a successor of educational traditions dating back to the XIX century when the first institution for training of civil servants in Russia — Imperial Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum — was founded by the Order of the Russian Emperor Alexander I. Over one-third of graduates become prominent civil servants, diplomats, warlords, writers and poets such as the world-renowned Alexander Pushkin.

1843 – Aleksandrovskiy Lyceum

After relocation from the suburb to the city center due to organizational changes the institution was renamed Aleksandrovskiy Lyceum and expanded its training programs and teaching methods.

Maintaining best achievements of domestic education

1918 – Worker-Peasant University named by Zinoviev

The Lyceum was dissolved after the February Revolution of 1917. A new State power required new civil servants trained according to other principles: the challenge was to create an educational system based on a new ideology which would enable to train professional managers within a short period of time. Worker-Peasant University named by Zinoviev – first in the Soviet Russia — was founded in 1918 in Petrograd (the name of Saint Petersburg 1914–1924) and became one of the leading institutions in the country.

1956 – Leningrad High Party School

The end of the Second World War caused a new demand for professional managers in the USSR. Leningrad Higher Party School was founded in 1956 in Tauride Palace, Leningrad (the name of Saint Petersburg 1994-1991) focused on training, re-training and advanced training of civil servants, Communist party leaders and mass media executives.

Applying long-term experience in management training

1991 – The North-West Academy of Public Administration

After the dissolution of the USSR in December 1991 amid establishing of the new state – the Russian Federation, a growing need emerged to train professionals for a free-market economy. In this regard North-West Training Center under the Russian Government was founded in St. Petersburg, renamed the North-West Academy of Public Administration by the President’s Decree of 26 April 1995.

2010 – RANEPA St. Petersburg

The North-West Academy of Public Administration integrated into the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA) and was renamed RANEPA St. Petersburg.

Today RANEPA St. Petersburg offers a wide range of educational programs for undergraduates and graduates in humanities, social and economic sciences as well as advanced training for civil servants, executives from manufacturing sector and non-profit organizations.