All our exchange students are warmly welcome in our students dormitory, situated close to the metro station Vasileostrovskaya (Василеостровская).

Our students meet international students at the airport Pulkovo to help them to reach the dormitory by public transport. There are city buses number 39, 39Ex and Minivan Taxi number K39 running from 5:25 to 0:20 between the airport and the nearest metro station Moskovskaya (Московская) (bus ticket: 40 RUB, metro ticket: 45 RUB), please see here. From Moskovskaya metro station (2nd blue line) you go to Newskiy Prospect metro station and then change for the 3rd (green) line and go to Vasileostrovskaya (Василеостровская) metro station. You go out from the metro, turn to the left and go about 500 m along the Sredny prospect. The address of the dormitory is Sredny prospect VO, building 51 (Средний проспект Васильевского острова, дом 51), it is about 7 minutes on foot from the metro station:

Other possibility to go to the dormitory from the airport is a taxi service. You can pay for your taxi by credit card/cash at the Taxi Pulkovo counter or by cash to the driver at the end of a ride. If you need one, please ask a receipt at the Pulkovo Taxi counter. Preliminary cost is 1500 RUB.

If you arrive to the dormitory at night time (from 01.00 to 07.00), please touch the bell button on the door to enter and tell your name (there is 24 hours security service at the dormitory).

The required documents for check-in are following:

  • Pass (original)
  • 2 photos of 3 x 4 cm size (for issuing a dormitory pass)
  • Medical certificates (chest radiography and drug test).

To get a room it is enough to give your pass and photos at the reception (so if you have no required medical certificates at the moment of check-in, you will get a room), but please bring them within first week after arrival.

Incoming students can make these medical tests before arrival to St. Petersburg, in their home country and bring us them translated into Russian. Or it is also possible to make the aforementioned tests in St. Petersburg within a week after arrival. If needed, you can be supported by our students (they show you the way to the
medical centers). If you need such a support, please let us know in advance!

Chest radiography (a medical examination made using X-rays):

Radiography Center «Vosstaniya 1», Vosstaniya street, 1 (near Ploschad Vosstaniya metro station); Ул. Восстания, д. 1 (рядом со станцией метро «Площадь Восстания»).
Open daily from 8.00 to 22.00, do not forget to bring your passport!
Costs: chest radiography (1 projection) with a statement, issued by a radiologist – 350 Rub.

Drug test:

St. Petersburg medical center “Expert in narcology” (Клиника «Петербургский нарколог»).
Bolshaya Pushkarskaya, 20 (800 m from Tschkalovskaya metro station); Ул. Большая Пушкарская, д. 20 (800 м от метро «Чкаловская»):

Open daily from 9.30 to 19.30, do not forget to bring your passport!

Costs: drug certificate form 454/у-06 (справка по форме 454/у-06) – 700 Rub.

After this all students have to do a health check-up in the doctor’s office of the Institute. Please, do not forget to bring to the doctor’s office the results of these tests!

Working hours of the doctor’s office (Srednij prospect VO, 57/43, room 120):

Monday-Thursday: 10.30 – 13.00; 14.00 – 16.00.
Friday: 10.30 – 13.00; 14.00 – 15.30.
Saturday, Sunday – closed.

Prices for rooms in students’ dormitory (per person per month):

  • Double room – 7000 Rub.
  • Triple room –  6000 Rub.
  • A room for 4 students – 5000 Rub.

You do not need to pay in advance or to leave any caution – just to pay the appropriate sum within several days after arrival in “Sberbank”. Please note, that there is a bank charge of 1% from this sum.

It is possible to pay either cash or by card. You can pay monthly (no need to pay for all your stay at once).

In each room there are shower, WC, TV set and refrigerator. On the first floor there is a washing room with washing-machines, ironing boards, irons and clothes-dryers. On the second floor there is a kitchen with electric cookers and microwaves.

You do not need to bring any bed sheets/pillows/blankets, but it has sense to bring or buy after arrival dishes for cooking food, as well as a personal setting (plate/cup/spoon/fork, etc.).

More information about dormitory you can obtain from our virtual tour here, just choose what you want to see in the left upper corner (building, hall, rooms).

If there are no free rooms in the students’ dormitory, we will help you to find accommodation (it may be a hostel not far away from the receiving faculty).