Visa and migration

Visa and migration

Upon arrival in Russia international students should visit the International Admissions Office for:

1. Migration Registration

  • If you live in the dormitory bring all the required documents to us:
    • Passport and copies of all pages with any records
    • Migration card stamped when crossing the border and it`s copy
    • Residence permit or temporary residence permit and its copy (if available)
    • Education agreement and its copy (if available)
  • If you live in a hotel or hostel contact the hotel or hostel administration which is in charge for migration registration
  • If you stay at a private address (for example, rent an apartment or stay in the apartment of your relatives), contact your landlord (apartment owner) for the registration possibility. We recommend to contact your landlord well in advance before you leave home in order to be sure the migration registration will be provided.

2. Buying a voluntary medical insurance policy for the whole period of study in Russia which is obligatory for all international students. You can also buy a voluntary medical insurance policy in your country before leaving. Please note, a regular travel insurance policy is not appropriate.

3. Prolongation of your visa — normally it takes about a month, so it is better to start the process as soon as possible upon arrival. Submit documents to extend your student visa not earlier than 3 months but no later than 45 calendar days prior to the date when the initial visa expires


If you want to travel throughout Russia or go abroad during your studies, please inform in advance the International Admissions Office, in person or per e-mail about your plans.

In case of hospitalization you will be registered in a hospital and your previous migration registration will be cancelled. After being discharged you will need to be registered again at your place of residence (dormitory, hotel, hostel, private address).

If you have lost your documents (passport, migration card, etc.) please contact the International Admissions Office immediately!

International Admissions Office:


+7 (812) 323-50-92

+7 (812) 335-94-94, ext. 1324


Address: St. Petersburg, 57 Sredny prospect, Vasilievsky Island, office 302

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:00 – 13:00

Tuesday, Thursday: 14:00 – 17:30

Saturday and Sunday — closed