1. How many international students are you currently studying?

About 600 (575) people.

2. How much scholarship is provided to successful students studying under the government quota?

1,200 rubles per month.

3. How is the process of meeting and transferring an international student to your university organized?

The meeting and transfer process is supported by the university’s tutors.

4. Do international students have tutors on the university campus who assist them in adapting, starting their studies, and completing all necessary paperwork?

Yes, we have a system of international student tutors.

5. How much does a dormitory room cost for international students at your university?

It varies between 1,200 and 7,000 rubles per month.

6. Do your university and government have any preferences when it comes to reimbursing debts for international students who are studying under a government quota program?

The university handles the liquidation of academic debts on a general basis, regardless of country of origin.

7. If a student attends your university under the quota established by the Government of the Russian Federation, is it possible for them to transfer to another university and continue their studies under the same quota?

Theoretically, it is possible for a student to transfer between universities and specialties, but this process is not within the responsibility of the university where they are currently studying. Instead, the transfer process should be handled by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research of the Russian Federation.

To transfer to the university, a foreign student will need to provide a free-format application requesting the transfer, along with official consent from both the current and prospective university. In addition, the student must also provide consent from the sending institution of their home country.

Once all the required documents have been submitted, the Ministry will review the request and make a decision on the transfer.

8. Is it necessary for a foreign student to buy a medical policy for the duration of his studies in Russia and where to contact in case of health problems?

The purchase of a policy is mandatory. In case of health problems, the student must contact one of the authorized medical organizations recommended by the insurance company.

9. Can students (postgraduates) study and work at the same time, including directly at your university?

Full-time students are allowed to work in their free time.

10. How much does a foreign student studying in your university’s region spend on food on average? How much money does he need to take with him for the first time?

On average, about 11,000 rubles / month will be needed for food. A monthly travel ticket is 1,205 rubles. Expenses for other needs – 8,000 rubles.