Open lecture of Dr. Raekwon Chung


September 5, 2023
Open lecture of Dr. Raekwon Chung, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Dr. Raekwon Chung, Advisor to the Chairman of the Group of leaders and high-level experts on water and natural disaster issues by the UN General Secretary, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2007, Honorary Professor at RANEPA St. Petersburg, gave the lecture for students and academic staff on the Russian Knowledge Day, 01 September.

The “New climate economy to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050” lecture arose a great interest among the audience. Students asked a lot of questions as it addressed the issues of critical experience in international cooperation. 

The “free market” considers natural resources as a “free good” and business is severely limited to develop a “green economy”. Problem solving is seen in a gradual transition to the “sustainable market” followed by the development of a new climate economy ensuring economic growth and new jobs, the Honorary Professor noted.

A new economy should address environmental issues and stand for the economic growth

Dr. Chung

In conclusion Prof. Dr. Elena Zhiryaeva, RANEPA St. Petersburg, presented to Dr. Chung the monography “Green Economy” that resonates with the issues highlighted by the Nobel Laureate.

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