RANEPA St. Petersburg management meets the delegation from Slovakia


May 13, 2024
RANEPA St. Petersburg management meets the delegation from Slovakia
Martin Selc, Andrey Khlutkov, Pavol Slota, Denis Raisky, Konstantin Korolev

On 7 May, Andrey Khlutkov, Director, RANEPA St. Petersburg welcomed Pavol Slota, Chairman of the Party “DOMOV – Narodna Strana” (the Slovak Republic) and Martin Selc – Head of the Chairman’s Office, in charge for the youth policy.

Denis Raisky, International Relations Advisor to Director and Konstantin Korolev, Head of the International Cooperation Department at RANEPA St. Petersburg joined the meeting.

The “DOMOV – Narodna Strana” is a non-parliamentary minor party of the Slovak Republic that advocates the cooperation with Russia. The Party representatives participated in the World Youth Festival, held in March 2024 in Sochi, and expressed deep interest in establishing a productive dialogue with the Presidential Academy in St. Petersburg.

Andrey Khlutkov proposed developing contacts among young supporters of the Party and the Student Clubs “Diplomat”, “The Middle East” and “Istok” at RANEPA St. Petersburg.

Pavol Slota noted that the Russian-Slovak communication across youth generation will contribute to the preservation of historical memory and the rapprochement of the two Slavic peoples, broadening the horizons of our youth and creating a non-misleading impression about each other. The Party Leader also highlighted the opportunity of cooperation with a Russian school in Bratislava and his commitment to contribute to develop contacts with the TORDEN publishing house which focuses on translating Russian books into Slovak.

Andrey Khlutkov expressed his confidence that the meeting would become the starting point for the opening a youth dialogue between Russia and Slovakia, and also invited the guests to the VIII International Nevsky Forum which will be held in St. Petersburg in June 2024.

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