Eurasian Integration

Eurasian Integration

The addition is focused on problems and perspectives of Eurasian integration, practical results of integration projects realization, theoretical researches of Russian and foreign experts in the field of international policy, economics and law.

Theory of integration processes in Eurasian region, as well as conceptual development of integration mechanisms in Eurasian Union are analyzed mainly because of perspectives of extension of the Eurasian Union. The research of international regional integration must be conducted in a context of analysis of changes in world economy as a whole.

More actual has become the theoretical justification for new aspects of integration, which are able to predetermine a sustainable development of neo-Eurasian space as one of centers of global policy and economics of XXI century, as well as elaboration of legal, economic, social and cultural mechanisms and guarantees of the integrative process. The experience of International integration associations such as Collective Security Treaty Organization, The Shanghai Cooperation Organization are the focus of researchers’ especial attention.

Today international communications are based on mutual information exchange of economic, political and legal information, elaboration of joint decisions at international, interdepartmental, corporate levels on actual problems of management.

In this connection, building of integrated international scientific information space is on key importance. It will contribute to more effective solution of actual integration problems as well as international scientific exchange. The search of solutions should be held in the field of interdisciplinary researches across science and practice. That is why representatives of authorities and policy, public officials, parliamentarians and scientists are among the authors of the journal “Eurasian integration”. Mission of the journal is to become an international information and discussion platform for free communication between scientists of leading research and educational organizations of Eurasian countries.

Besides university researches, the editors involve in publication activities experts of specialized departments of Eurasian Economic Commission, leading scientists of National Science Academies from the Eurasian Economic Union countries, Institute of Asia and Africa countries of Moscow State University, Institute of Central Asia, Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Institute of National Economy Forecasting of Russian Academy of Sciences, Center of Integrative Researches of Eurasian Bank of Development, Eurasian Research Institute of Law Problems and other research institutes.

The journal is published in Russian and English languages.

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