Programme archive of Summer School «Global Studies in Russia» (Faculty of International Relations and Politics)

Faculty of International Relations and Politics

Programme 2023 — Summer School «Global Studies in Russia»

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Programme 2021 — Summer School «Global Studies in Russia»

First day:

  • Prof. Dr Petra Stykow, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – “Perceptions of Democracy: Russians in Comparative Perspective”
  • Prof. Dr Tatiana Zimenkova, Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences, Dr Verena Molitor, Bielefeld University – «Eastern Germany and Its Specific Protest Culture? PEGIDA and Other Right-wing Movements in a Framework of Post-soviet Phenomena»

Second day:

  • Dr Evgeny Roshchin, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – “Russian Republican Moments: Past and Present”
  • Dr Ilya Matveev, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – “How Russia is Really Ruled”
  • Dr Konstantinos Kostagiannis, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – “Global Politics: Russia in the World”
  • Dr Vitalii Gorokhov, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – “Russia and the Globalization of Sports”
  • Dr Iurii Agafonov, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – «Common or Contested Neighbourhood? Post-Soviet Space between Russia and the EU»
  • Dr Ekaterina Potapova, RANEPA in St. Petersburg – «Growing up Russian: historical overview of childhood and youth»