Faculty of Social Technologies

Faculty of Social Technologies

Students of the Faculty of Social Technologies benefit from wide opportunities designed to develop creativity both in academic and extracurricular student life. Conducting a variety of creative meetings, scientific conferences, business games, master classes involving experts and professionals helps to develop the best learning strategy. Students are often prize-winners of intellectual and professional creative competitions and contests, generate ideas and organize events and are among the Academy leaders in writing Diploma thesis in a start-up form.

The Faculty consists of the Department of Journalism and Media Communications and the Department of Social Technologies.

There is an Educational Media Center which consist of “Tsvetnoye TV” student television channel, “Prosto” newspaper, Radio of the Presidential Academy and “Genium” advertising agency. The Museum of Journalism and PR History was opened in 2019. KIM News information and educational project was launched in 2022.

Today the Faculty offers a unique opportunity for additional training: programs are jointly developed by teachers and prospective employers.

Graduates can receive TWO diplomas: Bachelor’s diploma and professional retraining diploma.

Bachelor programs

Journalism (in Russian)

Psychology (in Russian)

Sociology (in Russian)

Social Work (in Russian)

Master programs

Social Psychology and Organizational Consulting (in Russian)

Sociology of Politics and Management (in Russian)

PhD programs

Developmental Psychology (in Russian)

Social Structure, Social Institutions and Processes (in Russian)

Sociology of Management (in Russian)

Political Sociology (in Russian)

International Student’s Tutors:

Deputy Dean for International Cooperation: Vladimir Kiselev

Office 407, Pavlogradsky lane 10, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-67-34, ext. 2222

E-mail: kiselev-vn@ranepa.ru