Advertising and public relations

Advertising and public relations

Advertising and public relations

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS: 240

Fields of study: multimedia, television and radio broadcasting media, advertising and public relations

Language of instruction: Russian

Program leader: Nikita Grishanin, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Media Communications.

Phone: +7(911) 966-49-65



According to Russian legislation, the availability of qualifications in compliance with the orientation of the educational program and acquired competencies enables its holder to pursue individually professional activities such as promotion and distribution of mass media products, production of TV and radio broadcasting media products.

Forms of in-class activity: lectures, practical classes and student’s individual work.


In accordance with the types of activities that have been mastered the graduate is ready to solve the following professional tasks:

  • organization of promotion of mass media products;
  • creative and organizational activities for the creation of new products of broadcasting media;
  • creating and editing information resources.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

  • organize marketing research in the field of mass media;
  • develop a marketing strategy for media products;
  • organize events that help increase sales of media products;
  • monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the results of the promotion of media products;
  • determine the format, subject matter and evaluation of the material for the new product of the broadcasting media;
  • prepare the creation of a new product script material;
  • organize the promotion of finished products and products at the creation stage;
  • search for information on the subject of the site;
  • write informational materials for the site;
  • maintain news feeds and posts in social networks;
  • moderate discussions on the website, forum, and social networks.

Career opportunities

The graduates are able to work in mass media, publishing houses, digital media, in the field of multimedia, television and radio broadcasting media and in the field of advertising and public relations.