State and Municipal Administration

State and Municipal Administration

State and Municipal Administration

Including following Master Programs:

  • «Modern Public Administration»
  • «Strategic Management and Quality of Life»
  • «Social Management»

Russian language


4 Semesters / 2 years

Fields of study: public and municipal administration; administration in public and municipal institutions and enterprises; administration in the social sphere; Administration in non-profit organizations and other organizations in positions of affairs in government bodies and citizens.

Faculty of State and Municipal Administration

Tuition fee:

75000-125000 ₽/year


The mission of the program is to train highly qualified personnel for public authorities, local governments and other public bodies that are able to make management decisions independently and responsibly, to achieve their effective implementation, to carry out scientific and applied research and to introduce them in their professional activities. The Programme 38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration consist of three profiles: «Modern Public Administration», «Strategic Management and Quality of Life». «Social Management»

Forms of in-class activity: lectures, laboratory work, practical classes, and students’ individual work.


preparation of future state leaders, able to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge, skills, competencies, implement scientific projects in the professional sphere

Learning outcomes

Programme 38.04.04 State and Municipal Administration  is an innovative educational center where professional management personnel of a new generation is trained, equally in demand in government bodies and in business structures.

The program is a research institution where, in order from public and private corporations, an analysis of world transformations in management technologies and methods is conducted; expert opinions are prepared adapting the best foreign experience to Russian realities.

The program is a business center that allows exchanging experience, establishing new connections, forming a favorable dynamics of partnership between the state, business and public organizations, and promoting contacts with foreign business circles.

The program is an international institution where along with Russian teachers,  professors from the world’s leading universities, trainees from other countries are trained, international experience of state and corporate governance is accumulated and studied, conditions are being formed for integration into the global educational space.

Career opportunities

The objects of professional activity of graduates who have mastered the master’s program are:

  • bodies of the government of the Russian Federation,
  •  bodies of state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation,
  •  local government bodies,
  • public and municipal enterprises and institutions,
  • civil society institutions,
  •  public organizations,
  • non-commercial and commercial organizations,
  • international organizations and international bodies,
  • other organizations, units for liaising with public and municipal bodies and citizens.

Programme leader: Barabanov Anton Anatolievich, PhD in Political Science

Office 111, 57/43, Sredny prospect VO, Saint-Petersburg, 199178, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-94