Public Law

Public Law


Master Program

Russian language

120 ECTS

4 Semesters / 2 years (Extramural 2,5 years)

Faculty of Law

Tuition fee:

272 000 ₽/year

Extramural 152 000 ₽/year

The program is aimed at training practicing lawyers with a broad interdisciplinary outlook, educated for research and teaching activities in scientific and educational institutions as well as for work in state bodies, municipal authorities and non-profit sector on issues related to developing state and legal policy contemporary models with further analytical service and legal support.

Fields of study: Regional Executive Authorities: Organizing and Activity Issues, Issues of Responsibility in Constitutional Law, Constitutional Justice in the Russian Federation (Federal and Regional Aspects), Electoral Systems in the Modern World, E-Democracy in the Modern World (Comparative Legal Analysis), E-Democracy in the System of Ensuring the Rights of Citizens in Modern Russia, Administrative Process, Administrative Procedure, State Bodies with Special Status, Control Authority in Russia, Legal Regulation of Migration, Legal Status of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, Intellectual Property Right, Contracts Aimed at Ensuring Entrepreneurial Activity (Supply, Trust Management, Factoring, Commercial Concession, Certain Types of Lease and Contract Agreements, Certain Types of Financial Obligations)


  • Hands-on learning approach focused on professional growth and personal development of Master’s students
  • Modern learning technologies based on best expertise 
  • Leading scientists, human rights activists, lawyers, professionals in the field of human rights theory and legislative drafting are involved as lecturers
  • Support of law-making initiatives and leadership skills
  • Tailored research pathway for each Master’s student

Main courses

  • Current issues of constitutional and municipal law  
  • Current issues of administrative law
  • Regional Executive Authorities: organizing and activity issues
  • Federalism in modern world (comparative analysis with a focus on law)
  • Constitutional justice in the Russian Federation (Federal and Regional Aspects)
  • Responsibility issues in constitutional law
  • Electoral system in the modern world  
  • E-Democracy in the system of ensuring the rights of citizens in modern Russia
  • Legal regulation of migration
  • Administrative process
  • Control authority in Russia

Learning outcomes

  • Analytical, systemic, strategic vision of private law development
  • Developing technologies to address complicated legal issues under extreme conditions 
  • Providing legal services effectively 
  • Public speaking skills and skills of communication with representatives of state bodies, business and citizens

Career opportunities

  • Legislative authorities  
  • Executive authorities
  • Judge
  • Attorney

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Program director: Dr. Prof. Sergey Sergevnin

Office: 405, 66, Kamennoostrovsky prospect, Saint-Petersburg

+7 (812) 335-94-94, ext.2025