Degree: Bachelor
Duration: full-time 4 years, part-time 5 years, extramural (on the basis of Higher Education and Secondary vocational education) 3 years

ECTS: 240

Fields of study: Theory of State and law, Constitutional law, Civil law, Administrative law

Language of instruction: Russian

Programme leader: Ass. Prof. Mikhail Tregubov

Office: 105, 7th line of Vasilievsky island, 16/18

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-88


Description: Training of highly qualified professionals in the field of civil, labor, constitutional, administrative, international, humanitarian, and criminal law.


— A wide range of activities, high professional independence – decision-making only in accordance with the law.

— High professional level of the faculty, specialists from leading universities, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, active lawyers, judges, etc. are involved in the work at the faculty.

— The prestige of the profession, its necessity in all spheres of public life.

— The best students of the faculty get the opportunity to train at foreign universities-leaders of professional training in management specialties.

— At the end of the bachelor’s degree, our graduates have the opportunity to enroll, including on state-financed places, in any master’s programs at the North-West Institute of management.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of the course, the student should be able to:

After successful completion of the program, you will have the following competencies:

— Development of normative legal acts in accordance with the profile of their professional activity;

— Implementation of professional activity on the basis of a developed legal awareness, and a high legal culture;

— Detection, suppression, investigation and disclosure of crimes and other offenses;

— Interpretation of legal acts;

— Teaching of legal disciplines.

Career opportunities:

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in law, graduates can work in the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, local self-government, and in commercial and non-profit organizations. In addition, there is an opportunity to continue studying for a master’s degree at both Russian and foreign universities.