Developmental psychology, acmeology

Developmental psychology, acmeology

Developmental psychology, acmeology

Direction: Psychological Sciences

 Level: Postgraduate

Course Subject: Psychological Sciences

Certificate, degree or qualification: Post Graduate Certificate of Education.

Assigned qualification «Researcher. Teaching researcher»

Mode of study: full-time, extramural

Duration: 3 years

The main problems of developmental psychology and acmeology are in the development of psychological support methods in the profession, optimization of development indicators at all life stages, human mental development diagnosis, as well as in the study of factors and conditions for achieving the highest stage of individual development and a comparative study of the psyche’s development in different cultures.

The program includes 4 blocks: disciplines (modules), research and practice, state final attestation.During training, graduate students are studied as highly professional courses, and general educational disciplines, aimed at developing universal competencies. Based on the results of the training, graduate students prepare final qualification work.