Legal Support of National Security

Legal Support of National Security

Legal Support of National Security

Full-time Specialist-degree program

Duration: 5 years / 10 semesters (Extramural 6 years)

ECTS: 300

Language of instruction: Russian

Faculty of Law

Tuition fee:

219 000 ₽/year

Extramural 132 000 ₽/year

The program is aimed at training students in 2 specializations related to legal support of national security:

“Public law specialization” educational program

This program provides students with the knowledge, skills and insights needed for setting and implementing norms regulating legal relations between state, individuals and legal persons engaged in business and other activities

“Civil law specialization” educational program

This program provides students with the knowledge, skills and insights needed when realizing civil rights and duties, to maintain legal norms and domestic legal order, to do business effectively by identifying and applying required legal methods and means in the framework of security.

Forms of in-class activity: lectures, laboratory work, practical classes, self-stud


  • Experienced educators including Doctors of Juridical Science, distinguished lawyers, representatives of state bodies
  • Modern teaching methods including training sessions, business games, work shops
  • Equipped classrooms including a court room and a laboratory for classes in criminology
  • Participation in professional competitions
  • International internships and international exchange programs
  • National security is the most relevant area at the State level
  • This degree opens up a wide range of career fields in state and law enforcement bodies, municipal governments, public organizations, electoral commissions, business ombudsman administrations
  • Knowledge is put into practice involving professionals from various state bodies

Main courses

  • Constitutional law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Financial law
  • International law
  • Commercial law
  • Labor law
  • Criminalistics
  • Life safety
  • Basics of National security
  • Law enforcement bodies
  • Legal support of economic security
  • Legal support of energy security
  • Legal support of information security
  • Legal support of environmental security
  • Special professional training

Learning outcomes

  • Ensuring processes to discuss and approve drafts of regulatory legal acts including those on national security issues
  • Taking measures to prevent and suppress violations of human and civil rights and freedoms, to bring to justice those who violated the law, and to compensate for the damage caused
  • Identifying real and hidden security threats to public bodies and business sector
  • Using modern technologies and methods to withstand to national security threats
  • Performing professional tasks in emergency situations, providing first aid, ensuring personal safety and the safety of citizens
  • Interpreting law and advising on assessment of legal facts and circumstances in the field of security
  • Ensuring the security of state, society and an individual
  • Making legal decisions in the field of security
  • Contract work and negotiation skills
  • Representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in various public bodies
  • Performing responsibilities in executive authorities for national security reasons
  • Collecting legally significant information from various sources, including legal databases purposefully and effectively, addressing professional challenges by using information technology and complying with the requirements of information security.

Career opportunities

  • Public bodies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Monitoring and supervision bodies
  • Business sector

Program director: Smirnov Sergey, Director of the program “Legal Support of National Security”

Office: 326, Kamennoostrovsky, 66

Phone: 335-94-94, ext:2032