Degree: Bachelor
Duration: 4 years (8 semesters)

ECTS: 240

Fields of study: Psychology

Language of instruction: Russian, English (on request)

Programme director: Associate professor Ogareva Ekaterina

Office 303, 6/10 Chernyachovskogo st., Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-94



The programme provides Bachelor’s degree students with academic knowledge and practical skills required in psychology,especiallysocial &organizational psychology. The educational program focuses on the psychology of management.Thus the graduates have the opportunity to find employment in Governmental institutions,in departments for HR- work of global corporations, centres for social and psychological assistance, etc. The programme also allows you to master such areas of psychological work as developmental psychology, psychodiagnostics and psychological counseling.

In the course of the programme Bachelor’s degree students should study phenomena of mental processes, states and properties at all stages of the life cycle, various aspects of mental health, individual factors of professional success,types of practical psychologyassistance, socio-psychological characteristics of variousorganizations, basic aspects of training work and psychological counseling.

The programme involves an annual psychological practice in organizationsas well as independent research work.

Forms of in-class activity: lectures, practical classes, trainings, individual consultations, seminars and discussions.


We aim to develop

  • organizational and managerial activitythatwhich include the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the employee, which are necessary both for organizing the effective teamwork, and for managing group processes and states.
  • consulting activityis being formed through deep knowledge of psychology, including knowledge of methodological foundations, psychometrics, age aspects of psychology, ethics and practice of psychological assistance.The consulting activity involves the construction of true forecasts and the development of effective recommendations aimed at solving the client’s problem.

We are convinced that a psychologist should not only constantly improve his method of work, improve his professional skills, but also be able to take care of his own psychological well-being and self-development. We support and encourage our students to do this.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, the student should be able to and we are making sure that the student does possess these professional competences:

  • to be able to solve standard tasks of professional activity based on information and bibliographic culture using information and communication technologies and taking into account the basic requirements of information security;
  • to be able to carry out procedures for the provision of an individual, group, organization of psychological assistance using effective methods and technologies
  • use knowledge and methods of solving problem situations, obtained in relation to one subject areas of psychology, in its other areas (the ability to distant transfer of knowledge)
  • to be able toimplement standard programs aimed at preventing deviations in social and personal status and development, professional risks in various activities
  • to be able toselect and apply psychodiagnostic techniques that are adequate to the goals, situation and contingent of respondents, followed by mathematical and statistical data processing and interpretation
  • to be able toidentify the specifics of a person’s mental functioning, taking into account the characteristics of age stages, developmental crises and risk factors, his / her belonging to gender, ethnic, professional and other social groups
  • to be able toto design, implement and evaluate the educational process, the educational environment in the preparation of psychological personnel, taking into account modern active and interactive teaching methods and innovative technologies
  • to be able toto work with the organization’s personnel in order to select personnel and create a psychological climate conducive to optimizing the production process
  • to be capable of psychological diagnostics, predicting changes and dynamics of the level of development of the cognitive and motivational-volitional sphere, self-awareness, psychomotor skills, abilities, character, temperament, functional states, personality traits and accentuations in norm and with mental deviations in order to harmonize the mental functioning of a person
  • to be able to implement psychological technologies focused on the personal growth of employees of the organization and health protection of individuals and groups

To ensure the development of these competencies, we provide:

  • highly qualified teaching staff (the faculty members are trainers, practitioners and experts in the field of psychology)
  • interactive forms of education (soft skills trainings, workshops, discussions)
  • constantly updated base of practices
  • research projects commissioned by organizations
  • participation in professional competitions and scientific events
  • publication activity

Career opportunities

The graduates are able to work in government agencies, federal and regional authorities, Russian and foreign business structures, educational &socially-oriented institutions, or conduct private practice.