Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Executive Law

Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Executive Law

Criminal Law, Criminology, Criminal Executive Law

Master Program

Russian language

120 ECTS

4 Semesters / 2 years (Extramural 2,5 years)

Faculty of Law

Tuition fee:

272 000 ₽/year

Extramural 152 000 ₽/year

The program covers various subjects of criminal law area and is aimed at training qualified professionals to protect public safety which has always been of a key priority in the framework of state policy. Research skills developed during the study process allow Masters graduates to implement an effective and high-quality monitoring of legal issues in their future career.

A lawyer may participate in organizational and management decision making, provide legal advice and conduct research.


  • a wide range of courses
  • modern learning technologies based on best expertise 
  • leading scientists in the field of crime, experts, former and current staff of law enforcement authorities are involved as lecturers
  • support of law-making initiatives and leadership skills
  • tailored research pathway for each Master’s student

Main courses

  • Current issues of Russian criminal law
  • Current issues of criminal enforcement law
  • Criminal and criminological issues to combat mercenary crime  
  • Crime in public and municipal authorities, criminological and criminal issues
  • International and Russian law on legal status of convicted persons
  • Judicial control in criminal proceedings
  • Malfeasance investigation methodology

Learning outcomes

  • analytical, systemic, strategic vision of criminal and criminal enforcement law development
  • developing technologies to address complicated legal issues under extreme conditions  
  • providing legal services effectively  
  • public speaking skills and skills of communication among state bodies, business and citizens

Career opportunities

  • Head of legal department, executive authorities
  • leadership positions in state bodies  
  • leadership positions in law enforcement bodies
  • Deputy Head of local authorities
  • Assistant Deputy
  • lawyer
  • judge assistant, judge
  • investigator
  • attorney

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Program director: Prof. Dr. Leonid Smirnov

Office: 310, Kamennoostrovsky, 66

Phone: 335-94-94, ext:2044