Law and Social Security Support

Law and Social Security Support

Law and Social Security Support

Degree: Secondary vocational education

Duration: 1 year 10 months, 4 semesters (full-time attendance after 11 grades); 2 years 10 months, 6 semesters (full-time attendance after 9 grades and low residence after 11 grades).

Fields of study: Jurisprudence; Social Security

Language of instruction: Russian


Program leader: Zoya Ulyankina

Cab. 213, 38 / 6, Budapeshtskaja st., Saint Petersburg, 192171, Russia.

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-74, add. 18005



Curriculum of specialty 40.02.01 «Law and Social Security Support» covers the following general professional courses for fundamental and special study: Theory of State and Law; Labor law; Civil Law; Administrative Law; Family Law; Civil Procedure; Insurance and others.

Apart from general professional disciplines, students have courses under the professional modules, as: Support of Citizens’ Rights in Pension Provision and Social Security; Regulatory Support of Social Security Institutions and the Russian Pension Fund Offices

During the course of study students will have four internships: academic training, on-the-job training in the specialty for two professional modules and graduation internship.


«Law and Social Security Support» is one of the most highly-rated specialties of secondary vocational education, and the North-West Institute of Management leads Saint Petersburg colleges with its highest competition for one academic place and the number of applicants taking this specialty.

Study at the Faculty of Secondary Professional Education of the North-West Institute of Management for the degree in Law and Social Security Support will give you a range of advantages: Prestigious specialty and status of a RANEPA graduate; Demand in the labor market of Saint Petersburg and Russia; Opportunity for career growth; Social focus of work; Admission to higher education programs by results of internal entrance exams; Reduced duration of higher education programs under the specialty; Discounted tuition for whole period of higher education at the North-West Institute of Management of RANEPA

Learning outcomes

A graduate who successfully met all requirements of the program «Law and Social Security Support», and received a diploma with the qualification of «Lawyer», will be able to deal with public and administrative legal issues, protect disputed and violated legitimate interests of citizens, solve legal problems, assist in business development and provide clients with qualified advice.

Career opportunities

With a diploma of secondary vocational education, a graduate of the faculty can get the following jobs:

— a lawyer in the Russian Pension Fund Offices;

— a lawyer in non-state pension funds;

— a lawyer in the bodies and services of social security;

— a legal assistant;

— an assistant attorney;

— an officer of the police and tax inspectorate;

— a social security management specialist;

— a specialist of the passport and visa service;

— a court clerk;

— an HR specialist.