International Public Law, European Law

International Public Law, European Law


Master Program

Russian language

120 ECTS

4 Semesters / 2 years (Extramural 2,5 years)

Faculty of Law

Tuition fee:

272 000 ₽/year

Extramural 152 000 ₽/year

The program is aimed at training qualified professionals in international public law and European law with basic knowledge of international legal cycle fundamental areas, who are able to independently address legal issues in the field of international trade and foreign policy.

A lawyer may participate in organizational and management decision making, provide legal advice and conduct research.


  • Individual approach to developing specific competencies to apply national law, modern public law and European law
  • Diplomats, leading professionals and practitioners from various law areas are involved as lecturers
  • Providing applied knowledge on special features governing current legal practice of relationship involving  Russian and foreign companies, multinational corporations, public bodies and non-profit organizations, Russian and foreign individuals
  • Tailored research pathway for each Master’s student
  • A wide range of courses

Main courses

  • Current issues in international law theory  
  • Current issues of international private law
  • Current issues of international humanitarian law
  • International integration and integration law
  • Legal standards of the European Council and the legal system of the Russian Federation
  • International legal aspects of ethno-political conflicts resolution
  • Current issues of international public and private maritime law
  • International intellectual property law  
  • EU trade law
  • Current issues of international economic law
  • Framework governing international legal cooperation of countries – CIS and BRICS-members

Learning outcomes

  • Properly applying regulatory acts, provisions of substantive and procedural law
  • Properly interpreting regulatory acts
  • Properly conducting research in the area of law
  • Analyzing administrative and court cases, complicated legal situations as relevant cases took place at national courts and in international arbitrations, judicial bodies, commissions and other institutions that are members of the UNO, WTO, EU, CIS, SCO, BRICS and other organizations
  • Public speaking skills

Career opportunities

  • Notary
  • Attorney
  • Interparliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS)
  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Lawyer in state bodies
  • Lawyer in customs, tax and other public bodies involved in international relations

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Program director: Victor Kirilenko, Prof. Dr.

Office: 215, Kamennoostrovsky, 66

Phone: 335-94-94, ext:2011