Faculty of Security and Customs

Full-time Specialist-degree program

Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)

ECTS: 300

Fields of study: Customs

Language of instruction: Russian

Tuition fee:

219 000 ₽/year

The program is aimed at training professionals in the field of customs and international economic relations with a deep knowledge and skills both for working in a customs office, carrying out foreign economic activity and working in logistics.

The program covers 2 specializations:

  • Customs operations and control
  • Information and analytical activities in customs


  • Russian customs officials, practitioners from international economic organizations and legal entities involved in the customs activities regularly join the study process
  • Since 2017 an additional diploma supplement is issued to graduates confirming that the educational program complies with standards of the World Customs Organization
  • Graduates have the opportunity to enroll in various Master’s programs in public and corporate governance

Main courses:

  • Risk management in customs
  • Customs and tariff regulation of foreign trade
  • Customs declarations of goods and vehicles
  • Customs analytics
  • Business process modelling in customs
  • Customs management
  • Informational and analytical technologies in customs
  • Developing interactive WEB-apps for customs bodies
  • Applying data visualization software in professional activities

In-class activities: lectures, laboratory work, practical classes, self-study

Learning outcomes:

  • Carrying out customs control
  • Implementing risk management system when importing and exporting goods to (from) the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Identifying and combating administrative offences and crimes in the area of customs affairs  
  • Implementing IT technologies and systems effectively to improve control functions and business processes in customs and foreign trade
  • Skills in big data volume management and analysis and implementing advanced tools and methods of automated structured and non-structured information processing aimed at ensuring security of goods and vehicles supply chains
  • Applying information technologies for support of customs bodies, exporters and importers effectively

Career opportunities:

  • Senior-level customs officer
  • Customs analyst
  • Law enforcement officer
  • Customs operations manager
  • Specialist in logistics and goods expedition
  • Lading specialist, head of declaration department
  • Detective officer in customs
  • E-customs officer

Program director: Prof. Dr. Rashid Kochkarov

Office 601, 16/18 7-ya liniya, Vasilievsky Island, St. Petersburg, 199034, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-88 ext. 4246