Full-time program
Duration: 5 years (10 semesters)

ECTS: 300

Fields of study: Customs operations and control, Information and analytical activities in customs

Language of instruction: Russian

Faculty of Security and Customs

The program is aimed at training professionals in the field of customs and international economic relations with a deep knowledge and skills both for working in a customs office, state bodies and for conducting international business.


  • Russian customs officials, practitioners from international economic organizations and legal entities involved in the customs activities regularly join the study process.
  • Since 2017 an additional diploma supplement is issued to graduates confirming that the educational program complies with standards of the World Customs Organization.
  • Graduates have the opportunity to enroll in various Master’s programs in public and corporate governance.

In-class activities: lectures, laboratory work, practical classes, self-study

Learning outcomes:

  • protecting civil rights of international trade participants engaged in customs affairs
  • critical analysis of information and systematic approach to problem solving
  • strong team skills used in the professional activity involving tolerant approach to social, ethnic, confessional and cultural differences
  • analyzing the potential of a regional, sectoral and functional structure of national economy
  • understanding of economic processes in society and analysis of development trends in the Russian economy and globally
  • performing standard tasks using information and communication technologies complied with basic information security requirements
  • carrying out customs control and other types of state control when performing customs operations and applying customs procedures
  • applying methods for determining the customs value and control of the declared customs value of goods transported across the Customs Union
  • organizing a scientific work, independently evaluating the results
  • creating an incentive program for employees
  • organizing the staff selection, professional training and certification
  • organizing the collection of information for management activities, evaluating the effectiveness of the customs office, its structural units, analyzing the quality of services provided
  • preparing and choosing solutions for the customs office and its structural units’ management
  • monitoring of activities of divisions and groups of employees
  • specifying product codes and control of declared codes in accordance with the Customs Code
  • practical skills of using technical devices and operating equipment for customs control
  • issuing documents for customs control and reflecting the outcomes of customs control
  • monitoring of compliance with bans and restrictions set by laws of the Customs Union and the Russian Federation in the field of government control of foreign trade
  • ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights
  • monitoring of compliance with the currency legislation of the Russian Federation when moving goods, currency values, precious metals and stones across the customs border of the Customs Union

Career opportunities:

  • customs official
  • international risk manager
  • intellectual property manager
  • logistics manager
  • international IT technology manager
  • customs operations manager

Program leader: Alexey Petrov

Office 404, 8, Dnepropetrovskaya, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-94 add. 2476