Analytical support of information security

Analytical support of information security

Analytical support of information securitytics

Master Program

Russian language

120 ECTS

4 Semesters / 2 years

Faculty of Economics and Finance

Tuition fee:

240 000 ₽/year

The program is aimed at training professionals in automation of information and analytical activities in the field of information security to be actively involved in digital transformation in Russia amid cyber security threats.


Main courses:

  • Information security means
  • Financial analysis
  • Business analytics methods
  • Big data in business analytics
  • Information system life-cycle management
  • Business English for IT
  • Organizational and legal support of information security

Learning outcomes:

  • Developing and implementing strategy of the IT-infrastructure to ensure information security of a company
  • Applying and developing secured information and analytical systems, automated system information protection solutions
  • Providing information and analytical support for decision making in the field of information security applying modern methods and software to collect, process and analyze data, smart devices and AI systems 
  • Coordinating analytical activities, managing business analysis processes, improving enterprise architecture


  • Relevance: the Russian IT industry lacks digital transformation professionals and IT managers 
  • Innovative character: artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, cloud technologies issues are addressed while learning 
  • Practical learning approach:  students use Anaconda Navigator, RStudio, JASP, Power BI, Bizagi, 1C, Business Studio, ELMA-365, Base Group Labs, AnyLogic and programming languages Python, R, SQL, C#, DLP-systems, SIEM and other
  • Interaction with business partners: opportunities to be employed while learning

Career opportunities:

  • Information security analyst
  • Information security project senior manager
  • CISO
  • CDO
  • System analyst
  • Digital transformation senior analyst
  • CDTO
  • IT manager
  • Information security department Head
  • CIO

Admission requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree

Program director: Prof. Dr. Tatyana Gureva

Dnepropetrovskaya 8, St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-63