Public law sciences

Public law sciences


Full-time PhD program

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Language of instruction: Russian

Faculty of Law

Tuition fee:

369 000 ₽/year


The program is aimed at training professionals with sufficient knowledge, skills and experience needed to develop and implement legal norms, advising and consulting, ensuring legality and legal order, combating corruption and conducting research in the chosen field.


  • Possibility of working as a professional in the fields of public law and related industries
  • Highly qualified faculty advisors
  • Internships
  • Close ties with legislative and executive authorities

Main courses

  • History and philosophy of science
  • Foreign language
  • Public law sciences
  • Methodology of law
  • Mechanism of ensuring human rights and freedoms in the modern Russia
  • Challenges of public administration legal support


Research objects: current issues of the legal status of an individual, society and state, issues of modern state and municipality building

Program diector: Prof. Dr. Solovyova Anna

Office: 315, Kamennoostrovsky, 66

Phone: 335-94-94, ext:2023