World Economy

World Economy

World Economy

Full-time PhD program

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Fields of study: Foreign economic activity; conditions and leading players in global and regional industry markets; methods for carrying out foreign economic activities of an enterprise; current trends in the global economy and financial prospects for business development in a particular country; accounting and tax support for the company; financial structures in the company’s activities; financial and economic calculations; methods for determining and insuring risks of foreign economic activity; innovative technologies; effective public presentations; English: level of negotiations and business correspondence.

Language of instruction: Russian

Faculty of Economics and Finance

Tuition fee:

326 000 ₽/year



Graduates of the “World Economy” program become specialists in the field of making and implementing fundamental decisions in the field of foreign economic activity outside or rather “above” routine management. Such specialists have knowledge and skills in the field of planning and implementation of foreign economic activities as well as in the field of modeling and system analysis of global foreign economic processes.

At the same time, to a large extent, the success of their professional activities will be determined not only by the mastery of relevant special methods and technologies (this is an absolute requirement), but also achieved through the breadth of their general outlook and depth of understanding of processes in general. This is ensured by strengthening their general cultural education as well as by mastering effective communication skills, developing the ability to carry out and build constructive cooperative cooperation with specialists in other fields.

With the help of the acquired knowledge and skills graduates will be able to count on career growth, which in the future will allow them to become managers of various enterprises and organizations engaged in foreign economic activity.

The program is aimed at training highly qualified specialists who are able to participate in the processes of preparation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and expert support of management decisions at the level of both individual organizations and enterprises in the field of foreign economic activity and territorial bodies of its management.

Main courses

  • History and philosophy of science
  • Foreign language
  • World Economy
  • Methodology of economics
  • International economic relations
  • Infrastructure factors of international economic relations


Research subjects — phenomena and processes related to international economic relations

Research objects – global or world economy

Program director: Oleg Misko, Prof. Dr., Head of Economics Department

Office 204, Dnepropetrovskaya 8 St. Petersburg, 191119, Russia

Phone: +7 (812) 335-94-94 ext. 2482